My paintings are the products and responses to my surroundings.

In making abstract paintings, I explore relations and interactions between colours and shapes with reference and inspiration from architectural space where I experience daily. Each piece captures the moving conditions of light and time. Through subtractive simplification, my work transcends flat images or physical objects, and documents introspective moments. Often combining two panels or canvases, the space in between the surfaces is activated with the colour and shape extending from the front. Sides are partially painted, therefore the colours are reflected on the wall, creates an illusionistic continuation from the front surface.

In addition to the paintings themselves, I have collected tapes and contact sheets that I use to mask out the area for paint. The same kind of paint left on the tapes and contact sheets but it appears with a totally different look in comparison with the defined and rigorous shapes on the paintings. They become two opposite stand-ins as Duality of me being both controlling and free simultaneously on different surfaces. They coexist with each other, with distinct results from the same process.