Poem Study – Love & Death

Creating a poster and a page interpreting the poem using similar layout. With minimalist approach, I choose pink and grey to represent love and death. I added grain in these two color blocks, symbolizing love and death both have little bit of each other, just like Dixon expresses in his poem. Poem by Jaleel Dixon.


Loving someone is like
one of your biggest highlights
When you’re in love with someone
it feels like everything around you is so bright
Even at night it seems like the sky is bright
And full of life from the thought of you
And your lover gazing up at the moonlight
Love is like a drug
because it keeps you high
And needing more of it like you just took a puff
Of that good stuff and launched up into orbit
When you’re in love with someone
it feels like god just opened up the gates of heaven
Cause love is like your first breath
You’ll never forget it
But be careful what you wish for because love is like a spell
And if you’re not careful love will quickly turn into hell


Love is like death
because you’re both considered tortured
But still very different because your feelings
are leaving you on the opposite border
Life is like a gift that can be taken away
Death is just death
it’s something that happens everyday
— Jaleel Dixon "Love and Death"


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POSTER Details


6" x 9"

6" x 9"